Hans Essel

Hans Essel


October 26, 2013, 8pm

Performance on the occasion of the LP-Release 'Saitensack'. Presented by Edition Telemark, Berlin.

Hans Essel (1948) is a German composer and musician of improvised music and 'Grundlagenmusik' (foundational music). He lives and works in Darmstadt. Saitensack means to evolve new ways of playing the violin or viola. The instruments are neither modified nor amplified. Strings are not pressed by fingers but rather damped. Saitensack is a dynamic state oscillating around the border between noise and tone, from very quiet to very loud. The focus is on the origin of tones out of the noise, investigating the very beginning of tones. Saitensack zooms into the very character of string instruments.


Display of 'Saitensack' LP

Hans Essel soundcheck

Hans Essel Performance

Hans Essel & Alexander Meyer (Edition Telemark)

Video of the performance on YouTube: