Kohei Matsunaga

Kohei Matsunaga

December 17-19, 2015

Like Kohei Matsunaga’s last exhibition "White Wall with Paper“ at Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) in 2011, this is a work in progress exhibition. The artist starts with empty paper put up on the walls and will work publicly during the opening hours of the gallery and shop.

In addition to those new / yet to be made works the exhibition will show some earlier works from private collections.

Drawing times:
Thursday, Dec 17, 15-20h
Friday, Dec 18, 15-20h
Saturday, Dec 19, 13-18h

Vernissage / Finissage:
Saturday, Dec 19, 19-22h

Kohei Matsunaga (b.1978) is a japanese electronic musician and visual artist. His last solo exhibition was at Islington Mill, Manchester in 2014. In the same year the book "Drawings" book was published by Fang Bomb. Matsunaga studied Architecture and started drawing at the age of 3.