Malcolm Green

Malcolm Green

New Paintings, Drawings and Objects

June 14 - July 12, 2014

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 14, 6-9pm
(The artist is present)

Malcolm Green (*1952, UK), ex-dancer and ex-choreographer, still-publisher, editor and translator (Atlas Press, London), and even longer visual artist: Malcolm Green paints, hammers, prints, films and makes experimental music in among other places China, Iceland (often), Germany, Denmark, Poland (1st Biennale), USA, Ireland, UK, Holland, Australia... and is further known for his artist’s books (in the collections for instance of MOMA and V&A). He is a founding member of the Dieter Roth Academy, and so on and so forth.

Green is notorious for his humorous, capricious and peculiar narrative universe. A great deal of his work is based on strong interpretations and treatments of both the small and greater curiosities in life. 

Axolotl Hamlet, Object, 1978

Death has as many Eyes as a Potatoe, Multiple, 2014

Die Glorreichen Siebe, Objects, 2014

Drei Untürme, no Date, Objects

Blöde Sprüche (Sauer), 2013, Object, Detail

Die Malkultur, 2013, Painting, 100x80cm

Man possessed by a Square, 2014, Painting, 100x80cm

The Universe, 2012, Painting, 100x80cm