Toine Horvers

Toine Horvers

24-hour Performance

Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 00:01 - 23:01

In Real space - Real time Toine Horvers attemps to speak simultaneous with the BBC World Service news reader. BBC News Live is broadcasted one minute past every hour of the day.

Connected via the internet Toine Horvers is listening to the news via headphones, while at the same time repeating the news readers words with as little as possible delay. 

Except for the text he focusses on copying the speaker's accent, diction and intonation. 

For ‘DAY am/pm’ at Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik), Toine Horvers will commit himself to all 24 News Live broadcasts, starting at 00.01 am and ending at 11.06 pm.

“By describing, copying, imitating and translating situations and processes from reality, I represent the world around me.” Toine Horvers

Dutch artist Toine Horvers (born 1947) started in 1969 as a visual artist with movement experiments using his body as a way to explore the relation between time and space. Soon after, performances followed in which he connected these movements with actual architectural space and actual time, for instance by performing a piece over 24 hours. Sound, in the form of monotone voices or constant drum-rolling, became an important element in these works: sound as a means of making human energy spatial and perceptible. Horvers used to call his immaterial works 'sculptures' as an attempt to create statements of energy. Through the years language has increasingly become his source of inspiration, becoming both concept and matter and appearing in individual and group performances as well as in installations, books and electronic text displays. The source however is always his fascination for the intangible relation between time and space which he expresses in forms, patterns or procedures that often show similarity with patterns and procedures in ritual ceremonies as well as in childrens' games.